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put bike back together and now it won't turn on

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I recently gave a little TLC to my 85' honda shadow VT700 this winter. I polished her up a bit, took off the carbs and cleaned em and replaced the battery.

Now that I put everything back on when I turn the ignition my bike doesn't get any power. In putting things back together, I forgot where this wire that's on the wiring harness is supposed to be hooked up to. I figure this could be part of the problem.

Electrical wiring Wire Engine Auto part Cable

Does anyone know where it's supposed to go?
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Yes, I'm referring to the yellow wire when I say I don't know where it goes.

I hadn't thought that the wiring there wasn't stock, now it makes sense that I couldn't find anything online about it. The battery is brand new and fully charged. So next up is to take your guys advice and go over it with my multimeter and test light.

Also I'm gonna see if I can find the owner who rigged it up (the bike has changed ownership a few times)
I went over it and the rectifier and solenoid fuse, and they're good. But there is no power to the ignition fuse.
Thank you swifty2014 this thanks is late in coming but you were correct
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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