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put bike back together and now it won't turn on

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I recently gave a little TLC to my 85' honda shadow VT700 this winter. I polished her up a bit, took off the carbs and cleaned em and replaced the battery.

Now that I put everything back on when I turn the ignition my bike doesn't get any power. In putting things back together, I forgot where this wire that's on the wiring harness is supposed to be hooked up to. I figure this could be part of the problem.

Electrical wiring Wire Engine Auto part Cable

Does anyone know where it's supposed to go?
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Does anyone know where it's supposed to go?
Are you asking about the yellow wire in the home-built harness?

That yellow wire appears to be your main power from the battery positive post.
I would disagree with that because an "auxiliary" connection to the battery should not need a bolt & nut -- it should slip under the main battery connection but it does appear to be a nut & bolt from a battery connection. (That yellow wire is way too flimsy to substitute.)

It goes through a green fuse holder and then to the red wires and out to the main systems.
That supports your guess -- if the green thing is a fuse. Only looks like maybe a fuse to me. Need to see more. I don't have any idea why a fuse would be mounted there.

On my bike, the red & red+white wires are the power connection to the stock r/r. There's no telling what's going on with a home-built rig installed. My bike still starts with that connector empty now that I've got my Shindengen r/r direct-wired to the battery.

This is not factory stock so all the colors changes are confusing.
You can say that again!

Now that I put everything back on when I turn the ignition my bike doesn't get any power.
Step 1: Verify that the new battery is charged and putting out between 11.5 and 13.2 volts.

Step 2: Verify that you've got the battery connected properly -- all connections clean and tight.

Step 3: Check your fuses, particularly the main 30 amp fuse. (Mine is NOT located in the fuse box. It's under the seat.)

Step 4: Follow the main positive cable from the battery to the starter relay and make sure everything is kosher.

That's as far as I can take it because I don't know specifics of your bike. If it was mine, I'd be checking the Gonzo harness connections and the start switch next.
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Someone has replaced the old style flimsy 30 amp fuse with this set up.
Sure seems like a ridiculous spot to put the 30 amp fuse. That sucker should be mounted on substantial wires rather than those skinny little things.
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