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Question about aftermarket fuel pump

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I recently purchased this Fuel Pump for Honda VT700C Shadow 750 VT750C 700 | eBay fuel pump from felcoproducts because it was a cheaper route to go. I also jumped the fuel pump relay because I thought it was bad.
The only time I can hear it run is when I turn the key. I'm having a problem with the bike cutting out and I think it is because the pump is not keeping the carbs full. Anyone else use one of these and did you have any issues with them?
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are your plugs easy to get out? check one for color when it cuts out, just in case its pumping to much, leaking past the float valve and fouling the plug... mine did that and at first I thought it was lean and giving it more throttle improved the way it went.... until I looked at a plug.
black sooty plug is what I think you will find..... if it did what mine did.
yup sounds like fouling plugs from over fueling, I carried spares around for a while as mine was intermittent, at times the float valves would hold but not always

I have now fitted a 1-4 psi fuel regulator in mine to stop it happening, set at around 3 (guess as I have no gauge on it) after new float valves didn't fix it

Holley 12 804 Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 4 PSI Single Inlet Dual Outlets | eBay

That is what I fitted... I did have a 3-12 psi one before which stopped 99% of the problem but after I fitted the lower one I have not had an issue (well not from that, playing with jets ATM so winding the right mix and almost sorted)

I fitted mine where the tools go on my 1100 as I have a tool bag so ha nothing there.

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The plugs are a cross between sooty and oily. I tried taking it out again and barely made it to 2nd. and it just wants to bog down. More throttle makes it worse until I pull in the clutch then it dies and won't start.

Another thing to mention: The mixture screw caps are gone indicating PO has done some adjusting of their own. The bike has been sitting since 06...will setting them back to factory preset and go from there solve this issue maybe?

plugs will be fouled, runs real bad... any throttle and they die... hence I used to take spare plugs, change them and its like a new bike again... for a while

Clean the plugs and it will have a new lease of life for a little while, once they have fouled the don't fire right so more unburnt fuel so wetter look

Another thing I used to do to get me home was turn the fuel of while on the go... gave the plugs a chance to burn the excess fuel, then when it ran out turn it back on while on the run to fire up again, had to nurse the bike home a few times while I was sorting what was wrong

Could be jetting too or float levels but if it only happened after the fuel pump change I would be leaning to that pumping more than the float valve can handle

**** in the needle valve will have the carbs over flowing but to much pressure raises the fuel lever then shuts off when the float bottoms on the spring in the valve
Well, its been sitting for 8 years and it only had 8,083 original miles on it for an 85, so I jumped on it. Fuel pump was an issue. And had to clean carb a few times and noticed the idle jet kept plugging up. New fuel lines, new filter, cleaned tanks etc. New plugs, checked coils, pickup coils and plug wires....those all checked out good. Maybe the main jet needs extra cleaning too, not sure. Don't have a float level gauge, so not sure how to measure it.

Float level is measured from the surface the bowl seals on to the top of the float in most cases, I use a steel rule that starts at 0 or veneer calipers depth part, measured without compressing the spring.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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