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In your top picture, the spring should be on the LEFT side of the lever arm, not the right like it's shown. That spring is what returns the brake pedal. Probably have to take the lever arm off to get the spring on the left side. It's a fairly strong spring, might be tough to get it right. Might want to loosen the brake adjusting nut on the rear brake rod at the rear wheel, this will give a little more slack at that lever arm. When putting the lever arm back on, make sure you line up the two dimples, one on the shaft, one on the lever arm. I can see them in your top picture. When done, remember to re-adjust the rod at the rear wheel that you loosen.

In the future, to remove the brake pedal/right foot rest, take the clevis pin off the lever arm. There's a cotter pin on the rear, a little tough to get at, but easier than the problem you have now.

Good Luck,
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