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you will have to hoist it up to remove the wheel, and high enough to clear the fender--or take the fender off first. On my bike, the rear drum brake has a gauge that will measure how much travel. It can be adjusted until it shows out of range and then the shoes must be replaced. Unless you are noticing that you have a lot of travel in your brake pedal, which would indicated worn shoes, then it is probably something else. As others have said, the best thing is to remove and inspect. Figure out a way to get it off the ground, remove the brake linkages and the pinch bolt. Loosen the axle nut ( leave it on and tap the axle a little with a rubber hammer to get it broken loose) then remove the axle. Grab the wheel and move it to the right and it will disengage from the drive shaft and drop for removal.

I had my wheel off twice last year. i use a Harbor Freight motorcycle lift for $80 and some wood blocks to avoid the oil filter and R/R. Make sure and re-lube your gear and drive shaft end with Honda moly grease. You can get new shoes for $20 or so on line.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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