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rear cylinder rich for no reason??

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Owned my Heidi for almost a year ('99 shadow ace 750) and today on the way home she starts idling real rough and lost power. I limped her home, and my first thought was that one of the cylinders wasn't firing right -- pulled the plugs and both of the plugs in the rear cylinder came out soaking wet and black. I changed the plugs to iridium ones when I first got her and have pulled them periodically to be sure nothings getting screwed up. Every time I pull them they look great -- so this is kinda out of the blue. I cleaned up both plugs and confirmed they are gapped right, and have plenty of spark to them. I cleaned the air-filter too. put it all back together and yep... SUPER rich in the rear cylinder, and normal in the front. Thoughts? have I suddenly lost compression in the rear cylinder? Nothing's ever leaked on her... stuck float? clogged needle? ugh... I've always done pretty good at avoiding working on carbs, but I guess I'll have to jump into it this time. I'm just surprised it happened so quickly, no warning and no obvious catalyst for this.
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Did you check to see if maybe the mixture screw came out? That would make it run real rich real fast.
...I haven't. honestly I don't even know where the mixture screw is.:oops: I'm planning on spending some quality time with the exploded carb diagram in my shop manual tonight.
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