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There are very few things that go wrong on a regular basis - and a lot depends on the model year.

Your biggest concern shouldn't be breaking down but finding vintage parts to replace the broken ones. Sometimes not easy to do on a 22yr old bike.(dealers and honda quit carrying the parts).

Certainly a fuel pump could go bad, but you could use one from an electriacal after market automobile fuel pump in a pinch, or the igniter unit could fail, and finding one would be nearly impossible without ebay....etc. Rectifiers and stators were a problem in certain years, but you have surpassed any time or mileage limits for that to likely occur.
Wheel bearing do go bad sometimes but they are easily obtained in the aftermarket arena, but should it take out a hub - it would be stuck.

If it was me - and funds weren't an issue I would attempt a ride to Alaska on a newer model probably a model that was less than 10yrs old, so there would be ample spare parts available should you require one.

Actually in a couple or three years I am planning a ride to Alaska and it will be on a V-Strom 1000 or similar type of bike that is more dirt/gravel road friendly. :wink:

Good luck with the trip and bring lot's of pictures back to share and a ride report.
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