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I dunno about taking a trip like that on a 22-year-old bike.

Most Honda shops I know of absolutely will not work on a bike that old--they usually have signs posted in the service department saying so. And I'm not aware of any Honda dealerships that will install secondhand parts, which is what you might have to use for a bike of that vintage.

I've owned nothing but Hondas, including a 1975 Goldwing, a 1984 Interceptor, a 1996 ST1100 and, as of today, a 2004 Sabre (yippee!!) They're generally bulletproof (except for the Interceptor) but little stuff like thermostats has gone sideways, even though I'm a stickler on maintenance. No big deal if it happens locally. Very big deal in the boonies with no available parts.

Odds are on your side, I should think, but one never knows. It would depend, I think, on the rider's mechanical ability. If you can replace stuff like a fuel pump or thermostat yourself, I'd be inclined to give it a go. Where there's a road, there are people, and where there are people, there's a way to get yourself and your bike to a mailbox and a phone to scour salvage yards that will ship. If you're like me and can't do anything more complicated than an oil change, I'd get a newer bike. No matter what, I'd spend a lot of time researching the location of shops. I'd be surprised if there were any outside Anchorage.
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