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Repairing Carb Diaphragm

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Hello Guys, its been a while, hope everyone is doing OK as it is riding season!

I recently jetted my carbs and found that I have a small tear on one of the carb diaphragms. I ghetto-repaired it with some rubber cement, but looking for a better solution. read somewhere recently that gorilla glue worked good, but I think it was for a dirt bike that had some kind of green rubber. I think bike bandit has these for over $100 each. Looking for a place that has them for cheaper or a good repair.

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I just went through this...
HONDA Parts are $97. Buy them from your Dealer IF you like them...
The Local economy is in need of your help too...
MAN What a difference it made when I replaced these on mine...\
Meet me in Sturgis?
I understand the need to save money but I think any repair on the diapragm's will be temporary at best. I'd rather replace and not have it go bad when I am long ride.
I repaired a diaphragm from my 1980 Kawasaki. Held up great, but I swapped it out when I came across some parts carbs. I'd try ebay or CL to see if there isn't a set of parts carbs you can get cheap with good diaphragms. I used elmers probond glue.

The problem is with getting ebay/CL ones, you are getting 15+ year old parts again...maybe they last, maybe they don't.
Buy NEW!!!
You prolly won`t hafta doit again...
My Bike is worth the $200 ain`t yours???

Meet me in Sturgis?
Carburetor diaphragm repair that works

$97 seems like a LOT for a piece of rubber. I patch bicycle tubes all the time that last years... not quite the same, but there HAS to be some other way to fix this common problem. I'll buy a new one when I can find one for ~$50, or I get stranded on the side of the road. I am NOT buying one from the local dealer.

Just found these:

~$50 each, but may be more shipping as it's in pounds and across the pond...
I did the repair. Worked like crap. Put in new ones and bam! works better than ever. Just spend the money.
Mamma didn't raise no SUCA!
I found a place that sells replacements (for VLX anyway) for only....... $20! I'm SO glad I waited and searched around for these as opposed to wasting nearly $100/ each! This REALLY made my day.
Please keep in mind this is for VLX/600 with:
dual carbs
no airbox (separate intake runners and pod filter)
cobra drags with baffles
DJ needles,
142 main jets and stock 40 pilots.

Here's the skinny...
Got some replacements for only $20 each from JBM industries
Hitachi HSC32 Carburetor Diaphragm Replacements for motorcycles.

Will report back later for updated review
Shipping was reasonable speed/price.

before replacement from the side

installed (see the U part around the air bleed from the old rubber)

cut this U part from the old

tear in the old #1. there were a number of these requireing replacement

spring replaced and ready

while I was in there, I shortened the part in the middle allowing for more adjustment for the needle.

4th slot from the top

nipped it off about 1/8inch

used a razor to cut notches from these pointing with fingers

old on left and NEW on right

See less See more
Just an update, Its been a couple weeks now and the replacement diaphragms are still in and getting me to work and back!

I just went through this ordeal and had to push the bike half a mile home after tearing one of these, had a total of 4 or 5 slits in the diaphragm. I replaced both of them, never know when the other one will tear.
I had one get alittle tear like that on my 1100 ace and I patched it with some liquid electrical tape and it was fine for acouple years before I found a good replacement set of carbs for the same price as the diaphragm s..

Otherwise partzilla or cheapcycleparts usually have good prices on replacement parts..
NewAgeRoman, we're you experiencing any problems or issues with the old diaphragms?

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How do you remove the top plastic ring?
You snip them off with wire snips. If you're using the JBM dia's, you won't be reusing the plastic rings from the factory ones.

Here's some of my build including using the JBM dia's:
JBM Diaphragms part 1 -

And more importantly:

JBM Diaphragms part 2 -

You can also hit up Tommy (TJ) at TJ Brutal Customs. He sells the diaphragms too, and he's more than willing to spend some time on the phone with you if needed.
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