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replacement intake and exhaust valves?

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So I'm having an machine shop check out the engine, he said he hadn't looked at it ye t but I may need a new exhaust valve. So this is just speculation and curiosity at this point.

But I look here Honda Motorcycle Parts 1987 VT1100C A FRONT CYLINDER HEAD Diagram and do not see any valves or valve springs shown. I also checked other areas but it seems to me they would be here.

Are valves and valves springs not purchasable? I mean, I hope not to need them anyway but I'm finding this rather odd.
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OK, kinda feeling dumb for not making that association...THANK YOU!
Compression test is what prompted me to rip out the engine, disassemble and take to machine shop. Cylinders were out of round and out of spec and one had a scratch large enough to allow blow-by
fsm says do NOT grind valves, replace if needed. Why? why not grind?
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