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replacement intake and exhaust valves?

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So I'm having an machine shop check out the engine, he said he hadn't looked at it ye t but I may need a new exhaust valve. So this is just speculation and curiosity at this point.

But I look here Honda Motorcycle Parts 1987 VT1100C A FRONT CYLINDER HEAD Diagram and do not see any valves or valve springs shown. I also checked other areas but it seems to me they would be here.

Are valves and valves springs not purchasable? I mean, I hope not to need them anyway but I'm finding this rather odd.
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Maybe a compression test would be a safe bet to verify the problem.
valves can usually be ground to get them back into specs if there is enough material left for proper margin and if the valve is not burned or bent, etc.
I did a lot of valve work on foreign cars and they were able to be ground if still thick enough. A least some years ago. But maybe bikes have thinner valves and not able to remove metal and still be within specs. I don't know.
The later cars with 4 valve per cylinder have some very small valves with little skinny valve stems.
Almost look like working on a Briggs lawn mower engine.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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