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Replacing Turn Signals 2003 750 Spirit

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I got the bike used and it has aftermarket turn signals on it. One of my lenses seems to be cracking apart, I noticed it when I replaced the bulbs. Looks like it might have been over tightened.

Anyway, I am having hard time finding replacement lenses that size and thought maybe the next best thing would be to replace the whole assembly - but looking at the wiring it's all routed into the headlight. Guessing ground, turn, and running light, all through a black wrap to keep things neat and tidy.

On the factory ones (he gave me the stock parts) it looks like 2 wires are cut and one wire has a push in connector on it.

Before I dig into it, how difficult of a job is this for someone who doesn't solder?
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Thanks guys, guess I'll give it a go - there seems to be enough room in that wire housing to fish the wires through it again.
These are small rectangle lenses, I could probably buy some clear or amber plastic and dremel it to shape, but I'm really not that handy haha. And yes, it looks like I'll definitely need to remove the headlight cover at a minimum to get to where the wires connect. They feed into the back, so I'll figure that out as I go.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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