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HJC Helmets have been around for almost half a century, which means that the company specialists can use decades of experience in manufacturing quality headgear for motorcycle riders to create new and improved models offering more choices for consumers. Also, the company is one of the few helmet manufacturers in the world owning a real wind-tunnel lab. This state-of-the-art facility is used for testing new helmets for aerodynamics, wind noise, ventilation, and so on.

Until December 31, 2019, you can take advantage of the rare Overstock Sale and get a new HJC Helmet at a reduced price.

HJC Helmets® - CL-Ironroad Half Shell Helmet -

HJC Helmets® - IS-Cruiser Half Shell Helmet -

HJC Helmets® - IS-5 Burnout Open Face Helmet -

HJC Helmets® - IS-5 Poe Dameron Open Face Helmet -

To browse a full catalog of HJC Helmets at, please click this button:

If you have any questions these or any other products for your Honda Shadow, feel free to contact me in this thread, send a PM or simply call our specialists at 888.903.4344 (toll free). Also, there is a live chat option in our help center:
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