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Riding boots

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any particular brand of boot that seems to hold up better than others?
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I got a pair of Brahma boots at Walmart, which are waterproof and steel-toed for only $33, and they've done well, so far. Wear them every day, and have had them for about 6 months already. No complaints. They're more comfortable walking around in than other 'bike boots' I've had, including the new HD pair a friend gave me since someone gave them to him but they wouldn't fit (too small -size 9). I pretty much wore the HD ones out, though, until the nails from the heel started coming up through the insole inside and poking my heel. By then, though, you couldn't even tell there had been a bar & shield on the sole anymore. They lasted a couple years, though I just can't see paying hundreds of $ for boots.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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