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I've had a few days with 30-40mph gusts over the winter here. My ride to work is mostly exposed to 90-degree crosswinds coming over the pastures and golf courses.
I haven't found my VLX to be as squirrelly in the wind as I thought it would. (It might help that I'm not built so as to stick up very high above the bike tho', and my windshield is small.)
Mostly I've gotten comfortable knowing that even though the wind may lay her over a bit, she doesn't really have that much tendency to shift in the lane . I suspect you're tense and over-reacting, and that's what's moving you around. Loosen your grip and let 'er lean a bit into the wind when it hits, and only give as much steering input as you need to get back on line. Forget about trying to stay vertical; you can't in a crosswind any more than you can go 'round a corner without leaning. Just physics.
It is fatiguing though, and if your attention wanders you can get yourself in a pickle pretty quick.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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