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First, I think CrazyDave is right.
Most officers know if they are behind you that the wind is pushing vehicles around.

Second, for those who say they cannot pull you over, that is flat out wrong.

Laws vary from state to state, but if you are drifting wildly from inside
line to outside line... just because you don't cross in to another lane
does NOT mean they can't pull you over.

Again, it depends on laws of state, but you can bet that drunk drivers
don't always cross the lines... and they can and do get pulled over.

BTW, it's very easy to tell, by watching a vehicle, if it's a rider problem (drunk, etc) or a wind problem.
A rider, if drunk and weaving in the lane, will generally lean in with the bike to which ever direction he/she is drifting.
When you are riding and a gust of wind blows you to the side,
you generally will try to counter act the wind gust and lean the opposite direction.
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