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As I've mentioned before, I'm 62 and riding again after 6-7 years of "cage life".

I've been concerned with cognitive decline as I grow older and memory becomes an issue, and not as alert as I once was.

Been heavy on the caffeine, a real blessing, and every supplement available on Amazon.

Seems riding again has been a help, as I'm forced to focus 100% if I want to survive the dangerous Tucson roads and byways. I can no longer relax behind the wheel in complacency and let my mind wander to other things. Head on a swivel. Where are my feet? Hands covering brake and clutch. Downshift now. Feet up. Feet down. Pistol secured. Turn signal cancelled. Oil slicks avoided. Kickstand up. Kickstand down. AND Don't drop the ****ing thing.

All things I haven't had to think about for years. It helps clear the fog and jump starting my brain.

What say you?
Seems Bruce Willis has picked up that chore very recently, couldn't get a better Face to represent the cause for aphasia!
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