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At 67, so far, thank God, so good. I've led a pretty active life prior to my retirement, so I believe that had a lot to do with it. Riding is still a hoot and I don't have any problems handling my motorcycle.

Still, I believe it's a smart thing that one should honestly evaluate their conditions and capabilities as time marches on and make appropriate decisions and adjustments.

Many years ago I asked my Grandmother why my Grandfather never drove. I have no memory of him driving and he walked to work every day. She told me he could drive and, if I recall correctly, still maintained his license in case the need arose. He just made a choice at some point that he didn't believe he could be a good a driver as he wished to be and chose not to get behind the wheel anymore.

I hope I can live up to that that example.

PS: I have zero problems with SatNavs/GPS. I've traveled far enough from home that there are sometimes NO roads that look familiar.
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