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Looking for a little information. Specifically what I would like to know is engine RPM at 60mph and 70mph in 5th gear on an '00 - '07 VT1100 Spirit that is running the stock size tires front and rear.

So, if anyone with a tach mounted on their bike of that year, model, and set-up just happened to glance down while riding and noticed those 2 #'s and posted the info here I sure would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

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I think Mr. x'54 has posted the RPM for the Sabre.

You can calculate your RPM in any gear for the Spirit using the following mph multipliers:

1st: 143
2nd: 87
3rd: 65
4th: 56
5th: 48

For the Spirit (and other models):
5th gear @ 60 mph is 60x48=2880 rpm
5th gear @ 70 mph is 70x48=3360 rpm

The Sabre multipliers are below:

1st: 167
2nd: 102
3rd: 75
4th: 65
5th: 55

For the Sabre:
5th gear @ 60 mph is 60x55= 3300 rpm
5th gear @ 70 mph is 70x55= 3850 rpm

* the multipliers are generally rounded up.

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