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Running out of parts to replace, what is wrong with my shadow ACE

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Having huge issues with my 1995 honda shadow 1100 ACE

First it died, at medium revs.

Replaced fuel pump

A month later it cracked the fuel pump so I replaced it again

Now heres the problem

When it was running, it would die after about 20 minutes of riding, unless it was kept at low revs. At high revs it would sputter until it got past about 5,000rpm. Then it died completely while cruising after being fine for a few rides.

Fuel runs out of tank fine > fuel line after tank is fine> pump pumps as it should > fuel filter is fine and was replaced a month ago > I took the carbs apart and cleaned it and they seemed fine too.

Whats next to look at? Air filter is clean. I don't think its electrical because it sputters out, and sometimes when sputtering if i drop it to low revs it will stay running, whereas if its electrical it should just cut out?

At times if it is left for a few days it runs alright for a bit, but as soon as its warmed up it dies. Radiator was replaced last year, and doesn't start up before it dies so I don't think its overheating.

Whats next to look at?

have been suggested replacing crank case breather, and rectifier, does this sound like the next place to look?
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Ebay works.
My list would be if it runs for 20 mins.
Try running with loose fuel cap(just for grins)
Check battery volts at time bike wants to die, but while bike is just running at idle.(Mine did same thing once, found I was running on Bat and at low rpm bike didn't need that much spark. when I rev'ed up volts dropped to 8vdc due to load of coil, could try pulling headlamp fuse see if it runs better after that)
Could be coils loading up, but both going south would be rare.
Im sure you know what fuel starvation sounds like when going from fuel on to reserve. That Burrrr sound with throttle open.
Digging would be checking stator winding when they get hot to see if they open up.
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