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Santa Hotwired me!

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I must have been good or Santa was tired of me whining :D.
Santa brought me Hotwired vest and Mother-in-law gave me Hotwired gloves. Tried them out today, left the house at 8:30 it was 35 degrees but I was nice and toasty, only had on a long sleeved t-shirt, heated vest and winter riding coat up top. Never did turn the vest up to max and gloves stayed on low. Ended up riding 273 miles, not bad for a winter day. Winter won't be so long now that I can get a little more riding days in.
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Congrats...I've been reading mostly mixed reviews of various heated gloves, and for the price am discouraged, with many saying they don't really keep your hands all that warm, but since you like yours, please tell us what brand they are that keep you so toasty in such chilly weather for such a long ride.
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