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pocket aces said:
Just bought a can of Sea Foam. Never used it before. How much should I use the first time? How much after that and how often? Does anyone add it to their oil like it says on the can? Thanks in advance for your input.

Are you putting your bike into storage? Is there a problem with the way it runs? Why do you want to use Sea Foam?

I have five bikes, often one or more will sit for two months without starting. It’s never a problem because of the fuel. The only fuel additive I have used in any of my current bikes is octane boost for the Triumph.

Back in 1970 when I was working as a boat mechanic, Sea Foam was always used in the boat gas for winter storage. Back then, gasoline had five grams per gallon of tetraethyl lead and an undetermined amount of sulfur possibly one percent or more. Modern gasoline has no lead and is ultra low sulfur, less than 30 PPM. Plus, since the early 1990’s the EPA has required all gasoline sold in the US to have fuel injection cleaner added to the gas. Ethanol also helps clean the fuel system.

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