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Here`s a copy of a post from another Forum. This guy put 5or6 ounces in his crankcase and "The Honda Tick" weny awat, and his bike never ran better!

I can't believe it. I changed out all the fluids, and used Mobil 1 V-Twin synthetic. Went for a hard ride, and the engine started ticking pretty bad at idle. I assumed it was the hot primary gear problem that plagues these bikes at times, but it seemed worse than I had ever heard. Anyway, I was bummed, so when I got home, I stared at it ticking away, then added 6 oz. of Sea Foam to the crankcase. I have never added anything to the oil, but at this point, I figured what the hell, since the engine was sounding lousy anyway. Started it up, still hot, and it was ticking away, so I was just sitting there pondering the whole situation for 3-4 minutes when the ticking suddenly faded away, just like that! My engine got quieter than I have ever heard it, I mean not a sound except the exhaust note. Ran it for another 30 minutes in disbelief - silky quiet.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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