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Hey folks,
so this is second post..
Got the bike few about 2-3 weeks ago (you can easily search for my first post if you like) and was "lucky" enough to catch a nail in rear tyre few days after.
took a little while for my friend to find time to put new tube inside and we found out that it was a new kind, so i had to re-order one online a tube with angled valve and still waiting for it...
Very frustrating to buy a bike and put it on stand almost right away!
Ok, next week its gonna be on the road again for sure..

btw does anyone knows if the hole in the tyre should be sealed or i can just leave it as is?

EDIT: now with pic in signature.. :)

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Do you know how to patch a bicycle inner tube. Well use a inner tube patch on the inside of the tire. Apply it over the hole in side the tire just like you would a inner tube.

Then install a new inner tube and remount the tire back on the wheel.
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