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Howdy and welcome to the forum.
1st you didnt say if the 750 was new or used.

if it is new there will prob be some break-in noise from the front brake.
until it gets completely "seated"

"handling of the 750 will be quite a bit diff. from the 250. its bigger heavier and just isnt as "nimble" as the 250.

the Dealer should be thrashed for letting a bike leave the shop with that kind of air pressure......... thats dangerous! not a very good sign that the dealer cares about customer service. but, not many do.

again if the bike is new........the tires need to be "rode-in" they will get better. but the stock tire prob. Bridgestones or Dunlops tend to be a little squirrley. you get use to em after a while.

good luck
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