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Second Post: K&N Air Filter for All Stock Bike?

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Here, just north of Boston, we are buried in snow and losing our sense of humor. Every other day or so, I go to the garage and hug my 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit VT750DCB3. I was hoping to be riding again in March. Not sure now that is going to happen.

My bike is all stock as far as I can tell, definitely stock exhaust pipes, air filter, and air filter housing. I was thinking about replacing the stock air filter with a K&N hoping it would boost performance, even just slightly, even though I am satisfied with performance, a boost never hurts. But further reading leads me to believe a K&N air filter will not help so much if I don't open up the bike further by modifying exhaust pipes (both more open and louder), air filter housing (remove air snorkel or replace with a hyper charger), and then re-jet the carburetors.

So is there any performance benefits from upgrading a stock air filter to a K&N air filter without all the other modifications? If not, I am happy just replacing the stock filter with another stock filter come March. Or April.
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Try a Uni air filter(part number NU-4129). Cost's close to price of an OEM air filter but it's washable and reusable and it works as good as a OEM filter. I put stock pipes on my Sabre shortly after I got it. I prefer peace and quiet. Makes long rides much more pleasant.
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