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hello everyone,
i live in lebanon, i was searching for a Honda shadow, and all i could find is Shadow 400 cc. does anyone know anything about this model, is there any service book for it in the market? thanks

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The 400cc Shadow is known as the Steed.
It comes in two configurations, a springer(VLS) and normal twin forks(VLX).

Most of the Steeds are 5 speeds, whereas the Shadow is a 4-speed.

Other than the displacement of the engine and the transmission,
the Steed is practically identical to the Shadow VLX.

The Steed is mostly in the Asian markets, but have been seen
in Europe as well.

I don't know much about the reliability of the 400cc engine nor the 5 speed
tranny, but I can tell you the rest of the bike is solid.
The 600cc (Shadow VLX) is a solid bike and the engine and tranny are
bullit proof if they are maintained properly.
The bike has a low seat height and is very nimble.
The 600 in stock trim is a little under powered, but by no means
un-rideable. With a little modification, the 600 can be made to really
come alive. I would imagine that the 400 is a little more sluggish, but
with some mods, it can probably be made to run pretty good as well.

...after all, it's a Honda. As long as it's be cared for, you probably won't
have any reliability probolems out of it.
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