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Well I finally got some time to complete this project so I figured I would do a how to.

I started with wanting a quarter fairing this was an issue since no one makes one specific to this bike. So here is what I did.

I found these guys referenced on Chop Cult so I went there and ordered the "48 Cholo Fairing" Great customer service and fast shipping.
48 cholo Fairing / Los Angeles fairing co.

This arrived at my house- Out of the box great quality no holes in it so you can make it fit how ever you desire. (it is not painted and he will not paint them)

It comes with these clamps that are to small to fit the cover of the Shadow forks.

So I started out with making my own bracket. In the end it was a failure due to the fact that I am not capable of thinking things all the way through and there was no where for the cables to go with the design I came up wit.
1st draft (not long enough)

2nd draft (needed to trim it better)

3rd draft (thought this was the final)

cut out of metal and went to test fit.... No dice

Here is a rough drawing of why these did not work

This was the next plan of attack

I ended up going to a local hydraulic shop for a 2.5 inch t-bolt clamp (this is provided in the kit but it is a 1.75 inch clamp ) I used the brackets provided just had to bend them a bit to get them to fit. (done with a hammer off my front porch step)
(again this is the small one that will not work you have to get one that will go to 2.5 inches.

Finally installed!!

I used 1) 1/4" drill bit 2) 1/4" 20 bolts 2)1/4 washers 2) 1/4 lock washers 2) 1/4" 20 brass wing nuts (just thought they looked neat) 2) 2.5 inch t- bolt clamps 2) supplied brackets.

All in I spen about $140 on the fairing and shipping, $12 on the clamps, I had the bolts but I spent $4 on the brass wingnuts, and finally $2 on the 1/4" drill bit. Makes the bike look 100 times better in my opinion. I doubt I paint it will most likely just get it pin striped like the rest of the bike.
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