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I hate the breaking in period. This time the manual says that during the first 300 miles, avoid full-throttle starts and rapid acceleration. It's better than it used to be. I'm still doing the old school heat-cycle thing. I've ridden it 5 times, about 10 miles each time, going through all the gears, going easy, varying speed, and letting it cool down for the next day. Next I'll start taking longer trips.

So far I have put on a Honda Boulevard Windscreen, a Cobra tailrack and the Garmin Zumo 550 that I also use on my FJR.

Love the windscreen. Just big enough to block the wind from my torso on the highway but still small enough to keep me in the breeze. Excellent Honda quality.

The first photo shows the Zumo mounted on the center of the handlebar. The Zumo comes with a RAM ball mount that can clamp to the handlebar. I wasn't too pleased with that so I ordered a little plastic adapter that allowed me to use the stock mount on the smaller 5/8" diameter windshield mount arm, shown in the second photo. Much better now. The third photo is the Cobra tail rack.

I use a Ogio tank bag. Perfect for the RS. I have the small Motofizz bag on order with Aerostich. Don't want saddlebags or sissybar. My RS doesn't want to look like a cruiser.

I keep my EZ-Pass in the tank bag. Maybe I'll stick it to the windshield. No radar detector on this bike.


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