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any ideas are welcome.
Well then... :D

If it were me...

I'd remove the muffler, and extend the pipes to equal length shotguns, Paint them with high temp paint, and then wrap them.

Add a flat handlebar, or a short dirt track style bar. Lower the rear with shorter shocks. Lose the front fender and fork brace (I removed my brace on my VT7750... didn't make a lick of difference in handling whatsoever)

I'd cut that rear frame loop off at the point where you've got "just enough" to support your ass.

Weld a fender to your swingarm... (you can get by without a front fender, but you're gonna get real sick of having road snot running down the back of your neck) that ends at about 1 o'clock on your tire.

When you swap the pipes, lose those rear footpeg/ muffler mounts... and weld on a new mount for your pipes... something small and out of the way.

Take a hacksaw to the handlebar clamp... that "HONDA" in the middle is just fluff, remove it. You end up with two clamps.

Remove your horns and that "HONDA" plastic logo from your trees. You can mount the horn on your right front tank mount with no effort at all.

Cleaning up the headlight/ dash area is a PITA but it can be done.

Add a PVC spacer below your dampening rod in your forks whatever length you need, so that the frame rails sit level after lowering (if it's not too much... you need to keep in mind that while this will shorten your fork, it does not reduce fork travel, so don't overdo it.

Find an internal throttle from a Honda Ct90... and the switch housings from a CB350, they're much smaller than the stock VTs.

Do some serious searching and you MAY be able to find one of the early 80s single manifolds for your bike, which allows you to run a single sidemounted carb. Which opens up a world of options, as it empties out the space under the seat, and also allows you to utilize a lot more tank styles.

Add some fork boots. Some smaller front turn signals, and you're good to go.

and oh yeah... get yourself a kickass tooled leather seat made.

so... those are my ideas. Your mileage may vary.

(edited for spelling)
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