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I mainly accessorize for comfort and performance -- I need to take a recent pic of my old girl. The (old) posted pic shows a National Cycle windshield, I replaced that with a SlipStreamer Falcon. The Falcon protects my hands, has a superior riding angle, and provides a beautiful spot for my stereo speakers. The Mustang seat with backrest makes my skinny rear and beat up lower back feel much better. I removed the engine guard chaps (good bug deflectors) because they were hot and produced a backflow that spun my radiator fan backwards -- I had to replace the fan motor likely for that reason. I ride in the southwest, and it gets HOT in the daytime and COLD at night and in early spring/late Autumn. Therefore, I have an evaporative cooling vest and electric warm gear. I also slapped on some chrome passenger footpeg extensions, as my lady is tall.


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