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Shakin it Off

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Shakin it Off

Well this is the way it went down in my mind reality I got a 12 mile ride to Walmart and back.. not bad seeing as last week I was getting ready for another kind of ride..

CrazyDave scratched his butt
as he woke from the winter rut
and looked out the hole of
his cave

All this winters slumber in his bed
knotted his body and numbed
his head
Food and adventure he did crave

He got dressed and grabbed his keys
he had to get his hair in the breeze
He bolted down stairs and tore
open the garage door

The Cobras shook the dawn
and woke up the neighbors spawn
Vicky will be pissed for sure

Up the hill banging gears
High on adrenaline not fear
He headed west for a while

Toward the Monadnocks he did ride
his heart singing a song inside
his Mistress purring mile after
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Coool CD ! :)
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