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pretty normal to "clunk" going into 1st at a stop, output side is stopped, input side is spinning until you pull clutch in and clutch dis-engages, is spinning down as you move the shift lever. When the gear dogs engage, the input shaft comes to a stop, most of the time with a clunk. Then the disconnect between engine and wheel is the clutch plates being dis-engaged. If your clutch is working perfectly and there's no drag at all when disengaging, it may not clunk as loud. Holding the clutch in in that case and not shifting to 1st for a few moments, it may spin down to where the gear dogs are not aligned and wont go in until you slightly release the clutch to get the input shaft to turning so the gear dogs can engage again. The fluid drag usually keeps things turning a bit in neutral.

Edit: And note all those little intricate parts in the shift linkage, Think about them before every time you stomp the shift lever,,,
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