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Hey all
Still waiting on the British weather to let me out on the shadow but had me thinking all very nice smooth and love little OD purple light that comes on in 6th etc but there is no definite clunk on gear change. I didn't miss any gears and it was an effortless change and the gears went on for ever it felt like.

All my other bikes have a very positive clunk or a feel on the pedal this shadow I pull in the clutch move the shifter with ease an no resistance then let the clutch out and I'm there. It had me ready to grab the clutch and double check but it was always there.

Is that normal for 1983?
First gear on my '97 Spirit w/~20K miles has a solid thunk, 2nd is virtually non-existent, 3-5 have a very mild thunk I can feel (not hear).
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