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I have the Show Chrome Contour lightbar on my Aero 750. I have taken these lights apart to put visors on (that's another thread here). Now I have removed the visors. I did this because the light trim ring that holds the bulb and visor in place never really went back on properly. One of them vibrated loose enough for the visor to fall out somewhere so I just removed the other one. I'm done with visors.

These trim rings have a screw that holds them on at the bottom but are just a very tight snap together fit at the top and around the sides. They must have some gonzo press at the factory to put them together because I can get them snapped but, since they've been apart, they don't seem to actually close all the way. They both leak light at the seem (not a big deal I guess but that will also let in water) and just don't seem to fit back together well.

That was long-winded! The question is can these ever be made to fit tightly again? If not - I'd be tempted to replace them with new spotlights - preferably ones that will allow the bulb to be removed without causing damage to the light housing.

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