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1999 Shadow Spirit 1100C; Cobra crash bars.

Took a spill on some ice this morning. No big deal - just a sore butt and a bent left crash bar. Seeing as how a new set of Cobra crash bars are in the neighborhood of $200, I'm thinking I'd just take the bent ones off, bang the crap out of them with a big hammer, and put them back. Problem is, the bottom bolt was apparently frozen, and the SOB snapped off. I got the bolt and about 1/8" of thread, but the rest of it is still in there. My question is, where?

Assuming I can straighten the old ones, or even if I buy new ones, I'll need to get the old bolt out to put a new one in. I was working against a sunset deadline tonight, but I couldn't see where/what that bolt attaches to.

Is there a nut on the other end? Am I going to need to drill out the old bolt? Any suggestions?

I can and will, I guess, ride sans crash bars until I get this fixed; but ultimately I'll need to solve this.
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