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Traveling round NH of course!

Well first we fooled around in the parking garage..see

Then we headed up 101 on our way to Chesterfield to revisit Madame Sherris Forest

Wayside along the way

a shot by Linda

Gulf road Chesterfield, waterfalls and fast moving brooks abound

Looks like medieval England eh Graham?

Straight up

the nearby pond

Linda took some nice shots of the Ashuelot covered bridge


How very New England

Walking the bridge

Marlow NH route 10 , at the junction of 123

Poetry in motion

All in all a great day rounded out by having dinner at Daniels by the River in Henniker which whether through coincidence or cosmic plan was established the year we were married and like us it is still going strong from what I saw, an overall satisfying meal ( do not do the Balsamic dressing )

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