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65 in a 40 isnt 15 over the limit, its 25. Just because the avg speed is 10 over does not justify 25 over in any way. Try to beat a ticket by saying that the avg speed was 70 so you were running 80. Good luck.

By running 25 over the rider did not give the cager any way to estimate his speed/distance sinch she is used to people only violating the law 10 MPH. The rider was also, providing the lower 65mph estimate is correct, still going 1/3 again faster than the posted limit.

Even though the rider was breaking the law to the point that in PA he would have gotten a reckless driving charge along with the speeding charge, was not in control of his vehical, did not give himself a escape route, and was overdriving his bike, the car still violated his right of way.

I agree that since the rider was commiting a crime he should be charged for the accident.
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