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Speed Crazed Murderers

I had this same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. And, no one was speeding. I had the right of way in a 55 mph zone and a small black Honda pulled from a side road in front of me, although far enough away for me to take evasive action. I seriously doubt if he saw me prior to pulling out on the highway. But, as soon as he had straightened himself out, he must have seen me, because he immediately pulled off the right hand side of the road. He must have seen my lights in his rear view mirror. Probably nothing would have happened because I watched him all the way. But, in his defense, he did pull to the right as soon as he saw me.

I think that we who ride are much more aware of bikes and riders than a cager is. When I drive my car I really look to see if I see a single light coming down the road before I pull out.

I feel really bad that a person had to lose her life, but doubt if we will ever really know what happened. At the same time, I do not like the speeding whether it was 15mph too fast or 40 mph too fast. The same speed limit and laws that apply to cagers apply to us as well when we're on our bikes. It's funny sometimes how we would not speed in a car, but put us on our bikes and see what happens.

I'm sorry that two families have to go through this.
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