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Most sporties I have ridden have not fitted me at all, one of my workers fathers had one that I sat on did fit but I didn't ride it.... but it was far from std in any way (engine worked, bars swapped, seat style changed, new suspension and pegs changed) I would liked to have ridden that but passed up the opportunity as I had been drinking....will get there one day

I didn't feel nimble on any of the std ones at all...... and they didn't feel lighter in any way to the 750 but I think the dry weight is 535 lb for the sporty and 536 wet for the 750 spirit so I would say its not lighter.

If you do go a sporty get a battery tender if you dont use it regularly as the alarm seams to drain the battery, had to jump start a mates bike on a few occasions, even after the new battery, would not have been an issue if he rode more :p
Um the Spirit is 430 wet?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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