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So apparently I have to post 28 posts before I can actually participating in the forums? So ill go ahead and bang out my current issue:

So better part of a year I've been having a problem occassionally getting my bike to start. Starts perfect first time, but if I shut it off and try to crank back up few minutes later it doesn't turn starter. I'll hear maybe a click or maybe nothing at all but the lights are all just fine so I don't think its a battery issue. I'll push start button and headlight turns off as it should. Just doesn't turn starter. I'll hit push the button several times and suddenly it will crank like there was never anything wrong. (yes, I've necked kick stand, kill switch, clutch, etc) Also, this problem started about year ago very intermittently but has steadily got worse...last few days I can barely get to crank without pushing start button 8-10 times.
I've read that the starter switch goes out quickly. Could that be it? Any ideas would be great.


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