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Hello everyone! Well, I survived another Maine wintah! I took my VLX out of storage last weekend (the shed) and she started right up on the second try. I added the few accessories that I bought over the winter and also added a headlight modulator and taillight flashers in my and my wife's bike.

So here is my question... I cannot afford an expensive paint job right now, nor an inexpensive one for that matter, but I'd like to do something to break up the pearl blue on my '05 VLX. I was considering going with decals of some sort. Does anybody have any experiences with online decal companies? (i.e.:'s solid flames decals) Does anybody have pics of decals that you've applied? Also, how do they look in person (like paint?) and how well do they hold up?

I'd appreciate any input. Thanks
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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