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I was thinking about skipping Sturgis this year, mainly because of the 75th anniversary. I'm re-thinking that, though. Regardless of the extra crowds...

Hey, it's the 75th anniversary! :cool:

It's still a long way off though. Being a moto-camper, I've never had to make reservations before, but with all the hubbub this year I guess I'll call around this week and see what's available. If my schedule doesn't allow it, I'll know well enough ahead of time to cancel any reservations, and I'm sure they won't have any trouble filling my spot. :wink:

I don't think the congestion around the town will be a big issue for me anyway because it's always congested for the rally. It's just a matter of degree. Anyway, besides the rally, I mostly go there as a base of operations to tour all the great sites in the area. The event is just icing on the cake.

I'm usually out of my tent and on my way early enough every morning that I miss most of the traffic....until I return to town...But that just goes with the territory. You plan for the extra time, or you just don't worry about the extra time it takes to get through Sturgis.
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