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Originally posted by Sparkman
Total:$17.82 (Cheap cycle parts) Are they on Crack with the shipping charge?
Earlier this year I ordered parts from Cheap cycle, and it seemed they had regained their sanity and dropped the shipping charge to something more reasonable. Not low, but reasonable. This in contrast to their previous ridiculous high rate. My strategy is to order all the parts that I need AND the parts that I'll need in the perceivable future which reduces the shipping charge hugely, per item. Odd items do get forgotten, so I take a week or two to compile the shopping list.

Otherwise, if you can buy the same parts from Ebay vendors who specialize in a particular field of parts, (All Ball tappered bearings, starter-relays, brake switches, etc.), the vendors will offer free shipping on top of their low price. What behooves me about Oem parts sites, is that in view of their huge volume of sales, they should be able to get a cut rate shipping charge from Fed Ex or UPS. My suspicion is that the big outfits preserve the standard rates in exchange for a kickback from UPS and FedEx.
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