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Thanks Wolfenstien. I'd really like to try the cone course. Please keep me up to date.

And Mark, I often practice a swerve around man-hole covers. You'll laugh when I tell you that for me, doing a swerve on a five hundred pound bike at forty five mph is not the same as in my motorcycle safety course on a Korean 250 in second gear.

And yes emergency stops. I've already locked up the rear wheel in traffic and found out what fishtailing a shadow feels like. I need to practice that rather delicate touch on front and back brakes for quick stops without skidding.
You don't have to be as delicate as you think....just squeeze progressively harder/release...harder/release as you slow. I can stop fairly quickly now (still need to practice) and I only chirp the rear wheel once in awhile.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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