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suicide clutch/jockey shift

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Figured that title would get some clicks :D

As soon as I get my new torch head for my plasma cutter I'm going to be making some forward controls for my 86 vt700. I'm also going to make it foot clutch/jockey shift with some new motocross style foot pegs/clutch lever that i'm also going to make. I cant wait!

I've never ridden a bike in this configuration, but I'm gonna learn. Anyone else ever ride a bike set up such as this? Opinions? Comments?
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Your bike...

Some great info here. Do it if you want, but be careful.

This IS America. Remember, land of the free. Free to choose, free to explore, FREE. Not to be stupid, but free to do and learn new things.

I'm not going to try and define that line between morals, freedom and personal rights. That doesn't have any place in a thread about how a guy shifts his motorcycle. But, there IS a responsibility that comes with it. Take your time, learn how to do it safely (not just so you can throw sticks around and look cool) and become one of those in the know about a little-understood facet of early motoring.

For your viewing pleasure ---

Don't get me wrong, you are certainly free to do whatever you want, and if I think that's nuts, don't let it sway your decision. BUT, you asked. There are many safety innovations that people lived without before they were invented. That doesn't mean they haven't improved vehicle safety, seat belts, disc brakes, safety windshield glass, redundant brake systems, crumple zones, the list goes on and on. You can build yourself a car without any of these and maybe drive it with no ill effects, but that doesn't mean you should or that it's a good idea.
So, torch away and send pics of the suicide clutch.
Agreed TenDollar. Innovations should be available to everyone, and they are. But the hair raises on the back of my neck when EVERYONE is expected to use them. Personal responsibility needs to be part of the equation. That means, if you choose not to use them, then the responsibility is on you to learn how to operate without needing those safety measures. I think this fosters a more thoughtful approach to life than relying on all those safety measures to keep us safe and find someone to sue when they don't. My .o2.

(CrazyDave beat me to the same thought!)
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