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suicide clutch/jockey shift

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Figured that title would get some clicks :D

As soon as I get my new torch head for my plasma cutter I'm going to be making some forward controls for my 86 vt700. I'm also going to make it foot clutch/jockey shift with some new motocross style foot pegs/clutch lever that i'm also going to make. I cant wait!

I've never ridden a bike in this configuration, but I'm gonna learn. Anyone else ever ride a bike set up such as this? Opinions? Comments?
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oh i already made my mind up and ordered a master cyl for the job (since hydro clutch). I do happen to have a hard on for hardtails and kick starters! To me it seems safer, as I cant work a clutch with my hand and signal at the same time. If my foot got clutch duty my arm is open to flail about except when actually shifting. And i'm still going to have a front brake so that takes some of the "suicide" out of it lol I figured that after a week it'll be second nature, good to hear that it will be/is. This is my main form of transport, rain or shine.
also, i don't really like the idea of the clutch lever on the shift lever. that's just like adding a third handle bar, and then I don't know what the left foot's for other than holding you up. Would be great if i ever lost my leg though. Plus then again you need your hand off of the handle bars to take off from every stop, hindering my signaling ability. I rode a 73 harley when I was about 17 once, right foot shift... SUPER weird.
Are you nuts?
Yes. :mrgreen: That's the same question I get when I show up to work on the bike in 30* weather. In the rain.
Are you nuts for even riding a bike?:roll:
This is America, we barely even get stick shift cars :lol:
I've already been kinda PRE suicide clutch/jockey shift practicing... Always come to stop in neutral and always keep my left foot up on the peg. Figure better to get that part down now as it's the most important part. I live in an area where I could practice on my street and not ever see a car other than my close neighbors (though one would try to hit me on purpose). Ive had one three auto vehicles and always regretted it every single time, two of the three needed transmissions rebuild about 3 months after purchase. I figure it's no different on a bike, except it frees my arm for signaling coming away from a stop sign or light.
Don't get me wrong, you are certainly free to do whatever you want, and if I think that's nuts, don't let it sway your decision. BUT, you asked. There are many safety innovations that people lived without before they were invented. That doesn't mean they haven't improved vehicle safety, seat belts, disc brakes, safety windshield glass, redundant brake systems, crumple zones, the list goes on and on. You can build yourself a car without any of these and maybe drive it with no ill effects, but that doesn't mean you should or that it's a good idea.
So, torch away and send pics of the suicide clutch.
I welcome your and anyone else's opinion. I will post up pics! hopefully my torch is here in less than two weeks and will work with my plasma cutter.
By jockey shift you mean you will place it down by your left hip, right?
Yes, down by my left hip.
I always just unplugged a wheel sensor to disable abs.
No such thing as a suicide shifter. Its suicide clutch, because you have to have your foot on it the whole time its in gear and you cant put that foot down unless in neutral. Jockey shift is under your leg/hip, when you shift it looks like you're jockeying a horse to make it go faster. Then there's a tank shifter, up by the tank. The shifter rod with clutch perch on it is silly to me, basically all you're doing is adding a third handle bar and defeats my pirpose for doing this.

I want to do this as i dont have turnsignals and need my arm for signaling. Hard to do at a stop light when you're working the clutch with your hand moving really slow. Plus, it looks badass and no one can ride my bike because they wont know how. I hope my new torch is here by the end if next week. Cheaped out and got a chinese pilot arc torch for $50 opposed to the thermal dynamics one torch for $480.
...and in my opinion it would be easier and more cost effective to just add turn lights imo guys look dorky using there hands to signal and safety wise most cagers today wouldnt know the hand sigs particularly the right hand sig and brake left is pretty clear...
Easier, maybe. I'd have to find turn signals i liked, find parts to make them work, make brackets to bolt them on, add all the wiring back to the bike for them, add a switch etc. Cheaper? Not even close. I have all the stuff to make new foot pegs, forwards, the clutch lever, the shift lever, the shift knob. The only thing I need to buy is a rear brake master cyl and make a short piece of clutch line, that's about $35. Not to mention i'm 6'3" and need the forwards anyway.

^^^^ Thats the bitch about a Suicice shifter or a jockey shifter. Whatever. If you have to use your foot for the clutch it looks like it would get old quick.

I have never done either one (jockey or suicide shifter) but I was goin to doit to my bobber. Some of you may remember my post about it. I had no problem getting over the danger of it....No my problem was...that I LOVE sitting at a light with the rpms around 2300, leaned forward.....and then slip the clutch. I'm gone...... I don't do it at every light and every time i ride; but I do doit.

So how in the hell will you take off like that with a jockey/sc shift????

Now it prolly doesn't mean a lot to you (CSHAW) and thats cool, But I love leaving a light balls to the wall until 3rd gear... But hey I love

ANYway. It does add some danger to an already dangerous hobby, but as long as your carefull and are comfy with it, the FVK it, do it and I can't wait to see it.
I drove a manual car for years and used my foot for the clutch, it never gets old! You can take off and rip through gears just as fast/faster than you can with a regular set up. The first few times I ride I'm sure it's going to be weird but then again the first time anybody ever rode any type of bike with a clutch im sure it was weird too.
There's also a plethora of dummies that run into stuff with a "normal" hand clutch. I fail to see how a foot clutch would cause you to accidentally smash into anything, I'm not removing the front brake after all.
The right side of your body still does all the same exact stuff it always does. The left side you're just switching the foot/hand control. Roll up to stop in neutral and put both feet down, when you take off put foot on clutch and pop it in gear. He seems to have no issues riding his bike.
I already wrecked and broke my back on a bike, if i was supposed to die I would have, I won the lottery in my book. I always roll to a stop in neutral, and always all the way to the edge of the road so if a car doesn't see me, I wont get hit. And i guess if i still do get hit, I at least wont get pushed into the car in front of me (if there is one). I'm not arguing with anyone, just a fun debate :) keeps me busy at work since it's SUPER slow here..
my state does :( but as long as i use signals and don't do anything stupid they shouldn't pull me over to find out it's not made before 1968, that's the cut off in my state. If i lived in a city or somewhere really hilly I probably wouldn't. I ride to Pittsburgh a lot to see my GF but usually just to her house since I only have one seat. Most of my riding is back country roads with minimal traffic. I also don't have a speedometer or odometer or anything, smart? Nah.. but I like it and it's mine :) Totally different feeling riding a bike with out all those flashing lights and needles jumping around distracting me ;) I have one key switch and one button to start it, other than that all i focus on is riding.
my bars are about 22" wide, that wouldn't work either. I'm not doing this because of turn signals, its just an added bonus to hand signaling. I'm doing it because it's my bike and I wanna. I just like debates
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