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suicide clutch/jockey shift

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Figured that title would get some clicks :D

As soon as I get my new torch head for my plasma cutter I'm going to be making some forward controls for my 86 vt700. I'm also going to make it foot clutch/jockey shift with some new motocross style foot pegs/clutch lever that i'm also going to make. I cant wait!

I've never ridden a bike in this configuration, but I'm gonna learn. Anyone else ever ride a bike set up such as this? Opinions? Comments?
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Are you nuts? Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. There is a reason it's called a suicide clutch and no one makes them any more. It makes no sense to take an already risky activity and make it more complicated.
Are you nuts for even riding a bike?:roll:
my vlx came with a set up like this. the owner had to ride it up and down the street for me cause i didn't even want to try it (he also lived on a hill. even more reason i didn't want to try it). i took it off and ordered stock parts without ever riding it that way.
Hand clutch and shifter would be on the same side. That would make shifting impossible. Unless you happen to have two left hands.:roll:
jpr1968, What?
I meant to site Sidejams comment about a hand clutch with a suicide shifter.
1 - 3 of 70 Posts
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