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suicide clutch/jockey shift

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Figured that title would get some clicks :D

As soon as I get my new torch head for my plasma cutter I'm going to be making some forward controls for my 86 vt700. I'm also going to make it foot clutch/jockey shift with some new motocross style foot pegs/clutch lever that i'm also going to make. I cant wait!

I've never ridden a bike in this configuration, but I'm gonna learn. Anyone else ever ride a bike set up such as this? Opinions? Comments?
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You are aware the old style setups were accidents waiting to happen do to most folk weren't savvy enough to adapt to the sequence in shifting and braking. Seen it personally with a fellow riders on an old Indian flathead and 56' Panhead. A very slow and methodical process thus keeping ones attention away from more important matters but to each their own.
That even looks much safer. The Darwin Theory comes to mind, again. Heck go back to right foot shifting while we are at it.
One good grab of the front brake with one hand on the handle bar and a throttle in the area of all this movement not mention applying the rear brake. Gee the right side of your body is going to be very busy while the left side is doing other things except helping the right side to keep the bike upright. Hmmm. I get the cool factor of the this concept from the point observing one on a actual "antique" bike but to waste my time to say I did it and riding it, sounds like a making of another U Tube video. I guess I'm a little too old to to recognize this as being a wise thing to do to a bike.

Just a note, turn signals have been mandantory since the 60's for bikes.
Since you quite obviously looking to banter this idea of yours, go do it then come back and report your experiences of riding/modifying your bike. Quite obvisously you aren't open to why its not worthy or safe thing to do. Its definitely not a great mechanical feat to accomplish thats for sure.

I'm not trying to pee on your parade just trying to steer you away from a not so novel idea. Surely you got other/better ideas you can use a plasma torch on. ;)
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