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Ok so I din't like the original bars on my shadow and after checking out to see what would be easy to install with the least of costs to get lower bars I got these bars on Ebay called super bike bars and the only thing needed was to drill holes for the starter button assembly and headlight and horn assembly, and a minor adjustment of the clutch cable. Shorter cables for the throttle, clutch, and front brake are a good idea but not absolutely nessesary in my case the bike runs and stops just fine. I hope this is helpfull knoledge.:D

This was very easy and I got some picks so you could see the difference.


You can see the tall handlebars that come back and down. I'm not a big fan.


I really like the way the bike feels now.
Next time Ill get better pics of each step.

I used Schwinn bicycle grips from walmart. Mine were a bit torn up.
Let me know what you think.
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